27 April 2009


Hey everyone!
We are going to take a break from the blog until next week,
we ar all busy with real life [school family etc.]
we promise you that next week we will be writing everyday [try to write everyday]


/ TheStardollFutureTeam

25 April 2009

Sale on...

PHILOSOPHY, finally.

hurry up before everything is gone.
i just wonder what new store we will get?

23 April 2009

Hotbuys O'Meter.

I;ve seen many reviews,and I disagreed with many so let's see..My point of hbview.

Bag:Love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this.Can't wait till I get my hands on it...10/10,deffo.
Oscar De La Renta Dress:It's nice,I like it but I'd prefer a shorter version of it...7/10
Balmain Jacket:My favorite hotbuy.Stardoll BRING MORE CLOTHES LIKE THIS. 10/10
Blue...Shoes:I like the colour but not the scheme..6/10 is enough even though I'd like to see my doll wearing them and then judge.

I'd rather wear that as a pin..As a cuff 8/10 as a pin 20/10
Shorts:Nice but don't they make the person wearing them look fat?7/10
Swimming..Suit:Not my taste.6/10
Mini Dress:Obese,obese,obese,obese..Not for me.3/10
Sequin Haute Dress:Title says it all.A 10 from me.

Overall this months 'hot buys' should be named...

SemiHot Buys.

Overall rate:67/100,which is 7/10.

Better than the last ones for sure.

22 April 2009

Stardesign + Spoiler

Hey everyone!
I just notice that we have 2 new stardesign things.

A dress and a jacket!
And one more thing they are not superstar,
so hurry because i think stardoll will change it to superstar!


This Louis vuitton bag will come to stardoll,
dont you think that stardoll have go to faar
First LE then Antidote, and after LE again and now
these expensive bags?

Pic taken from: http://stardolldesigner.blogspot.com/

18 April 2009

Couture Exlusive

Welcome to the Couture Exclusive competetion.This a modelling competetion but it is like no other.Our duty is to transform best MeDolls into TopMeDolls.Each week/Every other week, these MeDolls will be given tasks.But they will not be just the same tasks.There will be tasks like photoshoots,makeovers,catwalks etc.In the first round 32 MeDolls will go through,and after each task we will eliminate MeDolls from the competetion.We haven`t made a choice on what the prize will be yet.If you want to enter this competetion then please go to TatCinderella's page and sign her guestbook saying you are entering, and we will visit every single MeDoll that enters.You can sign up for the competetion from 18th April until 25th April.Also don`t forget the offical club for this competetion it is F.ConvenienceWe believe that a top model should be unique,young,nice and intelligent.So do you make the cut?
The blog for the competetion is http://fashionconvenience.blogspot.com/
Laura Aka TatCinderella & Fay Aka Fayasi

First Post + Whitney Port

[my beautiful banner made by: Fayasi and she's going to write for us to]

Hey blogreaders!
My first post here.
I dont have something to write about,
just that the Fabulouse Whitney Port has come to stardoll.
Whitney is well-known as the "The Hills" girl, [Lauren Conrad's friend]
but now she have a own program named " The City".

But i think she is really ugly in stardoll. But in RL she is gorgeous.

17 April 2009


Well this is my first post for this blog, I would like to thank Jaquline for hiring me ;)

My first post is going to be about a party in my guestbook today.

I hope you can make it,
I`ll see you there.

PS. i`ll make a playlist soon

15 April 2009


Hello readers.
This our first post. Like always first post is the harder. Really not much to say. First we would love to introduce ourselfs. We're 4 writers for now. Jaquline (we3forever), Laura (TatCinderella) and Lora (maltezerica).
And we're still looking for 5th writer. You can contact any of us. Just send us one article about anything. [EDIT: WE ARE NOT]
On this blog you'll find the lastest gossips and news.
That's all we wanted to say.

-Stardoll Future Team