18 April 2009

Couture Exlusive

Welcome to the Couture Exclusive competetion.This a modelling competetion but it is like no other.Our duty is to transform best MeDolls into TopMeDolls.Each week/Every other week, these MeDolls will be given tasks.But they will not be just the same tasks.There will be tasks like photoshoots,makeovers,catwalks etc.In the first round 32 MeDolls will go through,and after each task we will eliminate MeDolls from the competetion.We haven`t made a choice on what the prize will be yet.If you want to enter this competetion then please go to TatCinderella's page and sign her guestbook saying you are entering, and we will visit every single MeDoll that enters.You can sign up for the competetion from 18th April until 25th April.Also don`t forget the offical club for this competetion it is F.ConvenienceWe believe that a top model should be unique,young,nice and intelligent.So do you make the cut?
The blog for the competetion is http://fashionconvenience.blogspot.com/
Laura Aka TatCinderella & Fay Aka Fayasi

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