23 April 2009

Hotbuys O'Meter.

I;ve seen many reviews,and I disagreed with many so let's see..My point of hbview.

Bag:Love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this.Can't wait till I get my hands on it...10/10,deffo.
Oscar De La Renta Dress:It's nice,I like it but I'd prefer a shorter version of it...7/10
Balmain Jacket:My favorite hotbuy.Stardoll BRING MORE CLOTHES LIKE THIS. 10/10
Blue...Shoes:I like the colour but not the scheme..6/10 is enough even though I'd like to see my doll wearing them and then judge.

I'd rather wear that as a pin..As a cuff 8/10 as a pin 20/10
Shorts:Nice but don't they make the person wearing them look fat?7/10
Swimming..Suit:Not my taste.6/10
Mini Dress:Obese,obese,obese,obese..Not for me.3/10
Sequin Haute Dress:Title says it all.A 10 from me.

Overall this months 'hot buys' should be named...

SemiHot Buys.

Overall rate:67/100,which is 7/10.

Better than the last ones for sure.

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