15 April 2009


Hello readers.
This our first post. Like always first post is the harder. Really not much to say. First we would love to introduce ourselfs. We're 4 writers for now. Jaquline (we3forever), Laura (TatCinderella) and Lora (maltezerica).
And we're still looking for 5th writer. You can contact any of us. Just send us one article about anything. [EDIT: WE ARE NOT]
On this blog you'll find the lastest gossips and news.
That's all we wanted to say.

-Stardoll Future Team


Sevillana94 (Cristina!) said...

Hey guys!
I love your blog!
you are a fantastic girls Lora, Jaquline, Laura & Karla! :D


Stardoll Fashion said...


i was thinking i could be a writer for your blog i really do know how to write i write for a blog i mean it's my blog so i was thinkg too if i could write for wo blogs mine & yours & if you don't like how i write you can kick me out =)

Jauqline was Soso xoxo..